Limited Time Only! Free 15-Day Employer Job Posting

FREE! Job Posting

15-day Job Posting 

List your current job openings at the top of search results for 15 days. Unlimited edits for 15-days and Up to four job categories.

Please Note Job Postings For Employer Companies Only W9 Positions. No MLM Companies/1099 Positions. Subject to approval before posting. Limited One Per Company. One Per Recruiter.


Michigan Resume Search Database

Search Resume for 30-days. New Resumes Added Daily

If you need to urgently fill a position and want to avoid the often lengthy period it takes to post a job, screen, and interview candidates, consider searching a resume database and contacting candidates directly.

Search an unlimited amount of resumes and contact candidates for $75.00.

Call to purchase access to the resume database at (734) 956-4550



Single 60-Day Job Posting

FREE! For Job Fair Employers Only

  • 60-day Featured job posting- stays at the top of search results for 60 days.

  • Featured employer- logo scrolls at the top of the home page with one-click to open job postings - maximum exposure for your listing(s).

  • Unlimited edits and Up to four job categories

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