CNC Machine Operator (& Trainees) $ 16.50

  • Master Automatic, Inc
  • Plymouth, MI, USA
  • Jul 30, 2020
Full time Manufacturing

Job Description

Hours: Primarily recruiting for Afternoon shift, but all shifts are available


Salary: Level 1 Operators = 16.50+/hr



Tends one or more CNC machine types to produce parts to specification and ensure part quality by performing the following duties. (multi axis CNC lathe and mills)


Essential Functions:

All CNC Operators:

Operate equipment assigned.  Load/unload parts into either a fixture/holder or an automatic feeding device.  Equipment may be either lathe or mills.


Follow quality and packaging procedures to ensure part is within customer specifications.  Use blue print, packaging instructions, audit sheets, quality alerts, gages and visual inspection as required for the specific part.


Perform production activities as required to meet the assigned part per hour goals.  (PPH)


Maintain productivity boards at the workcenter and enter production, scrap, downtime and daily notes into the Plex system.  Print and attach labels to specified containers. 


Maintain good daily operation of the equipment by maintaining required coolant concentration, way lube oil, hydraulic oil, filters, water and air in the proper amounts.


Clear routine equipment faults or stoppages.


Conducts basic machine maintenance as described above and keep work area clean, organized and safe.


Change or replace broken or worn tooling (holders, shanks, drill bodies, etc.) and qualify part to print. (drills, inserts, etc).


Make wear and geometry adjustments when necessary.


Perform changeovers as assigned.  Identify proper CNC program for part assigned.  Run 1st pc and ensure part is to print then submit 1st piece to QA.


Participate in physical inventory activities as requested.


Trains other operators as assigned.


Perform sort/packager duties as assigned.


Notifies supervisor or leader technician of any equipment, material or quality, scrap issues.


Support and comply with all Master Automatic company/safety standards and standard operating procedures. Report all unsafe activities to supervisor and/or Human Resource Department.


Job Requirements:

  • Education: High School Diploma or GED required, vocational/college training preferred


  • Work Experience:

1-2 years related manufacturing experience preferred but not required. Prior gauge usage and blueprint reading is a plus. Level 1 Operators should have prior basic CNC operation experience.


  • Qualifications:

Basic computer operation.  Ability to enter data (numbers) and simple notes. 

Ability to read, comprehend and apply simple to complex instructions.

Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative whole numbers, common fractions and decimals.  Ability to add and subtract positive and negative numbers up to 5 decimal places.

Basic knowledge of gages.   Ability to read and interpret gages.

Ability to communicate verbally and written.

Attention to detail.

Ability to understand basic geometry and apply understanding during offsets and tool changes.  Effectively and efficiently able to perform offsets.

Working knowledge of “M” and “G” codes.


Job Type: Full-Time