Asphalt Equipment Operator

  • Cadillac Asphalt
  • Remote
  • Jul 30, 2020
Seasonal Construction

Job Description

Key Responsibilities (Essential Duties and Functions)

  • Capable of operating asphalt paver,roller and/or other pieces of road construction equipment used in the application process of laying asphalt
  • Ability to partner with crew members and foreman to ensure daily schedules/estimates are met.
  • Use various pieces of equipment to perform fine grading and finishing, sloping and banking, backfilling and ditching
  • Ability to withstand common vibratory motion associated with operation of most roller equipment and occasionally rough terrain.
  • Ability to be flexible with last minute schedule, location and shift changes.
  • Overtime work is required.
  • Other construction related duties as required


  • CDL license preferred.


  • 2 or more years of road construction experience is preferred

Work Requirements

  • Strict Adherence to safety requirements, procedures and personal protective equipment (PPE) policies

Knowledge/Skill Requirements

  • Must understand and be able perform and meet density requirements including PWL.

Physical Requirements

  • This position requires time spent walking, standing, bending, lifting and sitting.

Work Environment

  • This position will work outdoors on a job site in extreme weather conditions.  
  • Ability to operate equipment under temperature extremes and for extended hours of time.