$34,252 yearly
  • Charter Couny of Wayne
  • Detroit, MI, USA
  • Apr 13, 2021
Full time Legal

Job Description


Juvenile Detention Specialists supervise and assume responsibility for the safety, security, care and custody of youth residents in the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility who have been accused of criminal activity and are going through the judicial process. They are responsible for: maintaining control and security of living quarters; instructing and supervising the youth in personal hygiene; counseling youth on personal behavior problems; and supervising the housekeeping activities of the youth in and about the facility, and are also responsible for adhering to the rules and regulations of Michigan Child Care Institutions and the policies and procedures of the detention facility. Juvenile Detention Specialists are also responsible for documentation of activities and behavior; maintaining housekeeping; assisting in the feeding and providing necessary supplies and clothing.


At the time of application and appointment, applicants must have:

A Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Human Services, Social Sciences, Health Care, Education or a closely related degree; OR

An Associate’s Degree or 60 semester hours AND two (2) years full-time paid experience working with youth in law enforcement, education, human services or social services; OR

A high school diploma or equivalent AND four (4) years full-time paid experience working with youth in law enforcement, education, human services or social services; AND

A valid State of Michigan driver’s license and an acceptable safe driving record.


NOTE: Applicants must describe their experience in sufficient detail to allow evaluation of their acceptability under the above qualifications.


Appointees must obtain a State of Michigan Chauffeur’s license within their probationary period. Appointees who do not obtain the chauffeurs license will be removed from the Juvenile Detention Specialist position pursuant to the Department of Personnel/Human Resources procedures.

As a condition of employment, appointees must:

1. Be willing to accept appointment to any one of the three shifts in any five-day work week schedule, Monday through Sunday, including holidays;

2. Have a medical examination and drug screen when hired and annually thereafter;

3. Have binocular vision;

4. Agree to a criminal history check and subject to periodic criminal checks;

5. Have the ability to perform the prescribed functions as required by the Michigan State Child Licensing Rules, which specifically include, but are not limited to, the ability to provide for the continual needs and protection of residents which includes the ability to engage in the approved physical restraint techniques.