Direct Care Worker

$13.00 hourly
  • Dignitas, Inc
  • Apr 13, 2021
Full time Health Care

Job Description



The Direct Care Staff is responsible for the daily care, activity coordination and documentation for all group home/semi-independent living clients.  The ratio of staff to group home clients is 1:3 except on the midnight shift where the ratio is 1:6.  Semi-independent clients have 1:1 staff for certain time frames and activities supportive of community reintegration goals.  The Direct Care Staff is supervised by the Group Home Manager.


The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  monitoring clients, documentation in client records, medication administration, transportation of clients in company/personal vehicles, care of household and client equipment/supplies, provide assistance with activities of daily living, and attending staff meetings/trainings as scheduled.


A.     Client Supervision and Care


  1. Interact with all clients with appropriate voice, tone and pitch, and body language in compliance with client rights and treatment plan; at all times respecting the rights of the clients.
  2. Accurately and objectively record client behaviors/occurrences, responses, needs, issues and plans     relative to treatment plans in daily progress notes/charts according to documentation policies.
  3. Write client program notes according to documentation policies.
  4. Implement treatment plans developed by the clinical program director and treatment team.
  5.  Complete the Buddy System on assigned shift. Medications should be checked at the beginning and end of each shift.
  6. Accurately dispense and record client medications at prescribed times, including observing clients

            swallowing each medication given as well as signing on each medication sheet according to the

            Medication Administration policy.               

  1. Transport clients via company or personal vehicle, or accompany with transportation vendor of choice to activities as planned and directed by the Group Home Manager.
  2. Assist or provide guidance with activity of daily living skills as necessary per treatment plan, documenting any changes in abilities or physical status.
  3. 9. Maintain client’s durable medical equipment for cleanliness and making certain appropriate personal belongings are available at all times, including communicating any disrepair or safety concerns.
  4. Attend client appointments in timely manner and ensuring that client pull file has needed paperwork, including ensuring that paperwork upon return of the appointment is appropriately completed and filed and manager is apprised of the appointment
  5. Lead client-related activities as scheduled.


B.    Household/Vehicles


  1. Report all house/vehicle repair needs to the Group Home Manager.
  2. Document mileage records of client transportation on personal vehicle(s) for each trip.
  3. Complete company vehicle maintenance according to the vehicle maintenance log, including

making certain that the vehicle is free of debris and fueled to transport clients.

  1. Provide receipts for all purchases from petty cash or those requiring reimbursement immediately

following the expenditure.

  1. Complete household chores according to the daily household duty log.


C.    Client Supervision and Care


  1. Attend staff meetings as scheduled.
  2. Attend trainings as scheduled (ie, orientation, re-training, mandatory in-services) and/or submit

      documentation, in advance, in order to obtain approval for excused absence.



D.    General Duties


  1. Comply with all duties, policies, procedures, and protocol and other written or verbal directives of

Dignitas, Inc.

  1. Complete New Hire Training Manuals including: reading assignments and quizzes, video training series, and attend other training activities/classes as requested.
  2. Read daily memos (Staff Communication Log) and follow designated plans.
  3. Complete other duties as assigned.


E.     Aptitude Characteristics


  1. Able to adapt to meet changing situations; how quickly can a successful change be achieved.
  2. Able to isolate and solve problems.
  3. Capable of recognizing what is significant and what is trivial in order to make sound conclusions and decisions.
  4. Contributes sound new ideas in either written or oral format, which will improve work methods.


F.     Personal Characteristics


  1. Shows interest in the job as demonstrated by the spirit with which it is accomplished.
  2. Shows self-reliance; does more than just what is asked.
  3. Committed to accomplish the required tasks regardless of the time required.
  4. Cooperation given and gets along with others.
  5. Trusted and depended on with matters and information of a highly important and confidential


  1. Attends work and is on time.